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Courses Taught


Courses Taught:

Calculus, Mathematical Analysis, Advanced course in Real Analysis. Linear Algebra. Number Theory, Analytic Number Theory, Workshops in Number Theory, Advanced course in Analytic Number Theory. Elementary Probability, Probability and Its applications, Advanced course in Probability Theory. Elementary Stochastic Processes, Advanced course in Stochastic Processes, Queuing Theory, Applied stochastic processes. Elementary Statistics, Statistical Methods, Mathematical Statistics. Multivariate Analysis, Biostatistics, Social Statatistics, Engineering Statistics, Advanced course in Biostatistics. Sampling Methods, Mathematics Education, Mathematical teaching methods for elementary school teachers, Methods for teaching Mathematics, Problem solving in Number Theory and Probability for Iranian IMO teams. Different courses on Mathematics and Statistics for high school mathematics teachers at different in-service projects. Undergraduate project advisor in Statistical and Educational projects. Graduate seminar advisor and Graduate project advisor in Number Theory, Probobility Theory, Bootstrap Methods, Wavelett Analysis, Spatial Statistics and Queuing Systems. Leading members of the Mathematics House of Isfahan in number theory and statistics projects. The cooperative methods of teaching for elementary school teachers. The cooperative problem solving methods in number theory and statistics for the members of the Mathematics House of Isfahan. Research Methods for high school teachers of mathematics. Teaching mathematics teachers how to use internet for mathematics teaching. Workshops on the goals of teaching and concepts of mathematics for elementary school teachers, Workshops for a group of lecturers at teacher training centers on cooperative teaching methods.

Teaching Experiences:

(1) Shiraz University 1978-1980.

(2) Isfahan University of Technology,  1980, continuing.

(3) Visiting  Harvard University Mathematics Department, (1985-1986).

(4) Visiting the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications,  (CMA), The Australian National University, and The Australian International Centre for Mathematics Enrichments, University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia, (1992-1993).

(5) Visiting  Stanford University Statistics Department, (1993).


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