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Research and publications in Progress

- Research and publications in Progress:

(1) Popularizing mathematics, mathematics competitions, and their effect on mathematical education.

(2) Asymptotic distributions of arithmetic functions, and zeta distribution.

(3) Sums of asymptotically independent random variables.

(4) Educational system and its difficulties, especially competitions and university entrance examinations.

(5) Standards for teaching statistics in schools

(6) In-service problems for teachers

(7) Popularizing Statistics

(8) Standards and goals of teaching mathematics in elementary schools.

(9) The role of teachers' societies for improvement of Education.    

(10) Joint Numbers, in cooperation with F. Firoozbakht.

(11) Evaluation of teachers and university professors.

(12) Probabilitistic methods in Combinatorics


In addition, I offered several proposals for the improvement of the educational system and statistical activities in Iran. Some of these proposals are being executed at the time being and are yielding hopeful results. The proposals are as follows: 

(1) Research Centers for teachers in Iran. (in collabration with a team of teachers.)

(2) In-Service project : A curriculum for mathematics teachers to catch up with the up-to-date findings in Mathematics. (in collabration with a team of teachers at different levels.)

(3) Iranian Mathematics Competitions.

(4) Establishment of Mathematics Houses in Iran.

(5) Establishment of the mathematical societies for teachers in different provinces in Iran.

(6) Establishment of the Iranian National Committee for the World Mathematical Year 2000, (WMY-2000).

(7) Establishment of a statistical research center in Iran.

(8) Establishment of an association for teacher's mathematics societies in Iran.

(9) Programs for the Statistics Week in Iran.

(10) Iranian Statistics Competitions.

(11) University Entrance Examintions in Iran.

(12) Sabbatical Leave Program for Mathematics Teachers.

(13) Establishment of a plan committee for the High Commisson on National Statistics.

(14) A law for establishment of an NGO organization for evaluation of statisticians. “The Iranian Organization for Statisticians”


I have been also consulted for different statistical problems, by Electrical Company, Education Department, Khorshid Hospital, Amin Hospital, Iranian Mathematical Society, Iranian Statistical Society, Isfahan Univertsity of Technology, Mobarakeh Steel Company, Communication Company of Iran, Ministry of Power, Ministry of Finance, Isfahan Broadcasting organization and the City of Isfahan.

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